VSAT Solutions.

Capped + Uncapped

Intended to fill the coverage gaps

The AIT Online VSAT service is intended to fill the coverage gaps left by other technologies, such as 3G and ADSL. It is designed as a pre-paid, usage based model suitable for consumers and small enterprises that want to leverage broadband access, cloud services and IP telephony services.


  • Uninterrupted coverage of Sub-Saharan Africa 95%
  • Shared 4096/256 kbps service. 85%
  • Local teleport in Midrand, South Africa. 30%
  • No excessive billing, only fixed monthly costs. 70%
  • Quick deployment and installation. 99%
  • Reliable Internet / VOIP telephone connection for supporting up to 2 VOIP channels per terminal. 80%
  • The service is a prepaid solution. 65%
  • You do not pay for the service if you are not using it. 84%
  • Satellite internet is quick to install. 70%
  • VSAT does not need any other infrastructure except a computer and electricity on your premises. 25%
  • Up to 30% reduced call rates. 30%
  • Completely independent of traditional connection mediums such as ADSL and GSM/3G. 100%
  • The VSAT solution is portable, making it ideal for remote sites. 80%

Equipment needed for Internet Connectivity

Dish, LNB (Low-noise block), Modem, DBSV3 wall mount bracket, 30m Twin RG6U Cable & Fasteners.

Equipment needed for VOIP (optional)

T20P IP Phone (Basic VOIP & Internet – 1 data port on T20P IP Phone). WiFi Router, Base Station capable of handling up to 5 handsets.

Industries that will benefit

Farming community, game lodges, health clinics, schools, libraries, public internet service centres, remote construction sites, road maintenance site offices and disaster recovery.

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