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What is Broadband Connect LTE?

No matter which plan you choose, you’ll receive a Huawei HG659 Router and LTE dongle, equipping you with all the hardware you need right from the start. At an average speed of 9 Mbps, Vodacom Broadband Connect LTE connects multiple devices for instant downloads, file sharing and collaboration across the office faster than the average ADSL or 3G connection. (The service has a broad, national footprint and is available in most major metros as well as in a number of outlying areas.) The system is wireless and there is no waiting for line installations. Your business can literally cut the cord from the frustration of having to wait. Just switch it on and be ready to connect the same day. It’s one of the fastest ways to get your office the connectivity it needs without having to waste time. The solution is specifically designed for small businesses as it delivers the perfect combination of connectivity, speed and affordability. The solution is fully scalable and for example, at a later stage, cloud services can be added to the initial Internet and VOIP services.

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This LTE service is locked down for voice services and voice traffic only. Collection of LTE SIM and equipment is for the client’s account unless on-site installation is required. We limit our SIMS to the number of channels indicated to ensure quality of service. LTE is dependent on coverage at the site with speed and performance reliant on the signal strength at the site and where the LTE modem is deployed. Please note the coverage maps do not guarantee signal and coverage at the physical location. Final coverage confirmation will be done once an engineer has deployed the LTE modem.

LTE can be used as the following last mile connectivity for voice solutions: Primary link for voice channels, recommended max 16 channels. Redundancy/ Backup for ADSL or SAIX lines. Interim last mile connection while fixed line (SAIX) is waiting to be installed.

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NeoBroadband powered by LTE is an affordable uncapped new wireless service that has been developed to extend the availability and reach of the top rated NeoBroadband services. Offering latest wireless technology in the form of LTE (Long Term Evolution), to providing quality broadband services to the small and medium enterprise market, competitively packaged as a replacement to existing wired solutions in a more effective, efficient and affordable way. This fixed-wireless service offers a quality and reliable experience to be used from a single location only. Availability Johannesburg: Centurion and Pretoria Metros.

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