Dedicated Server Hosting is an option if your requirements have outgrown those of Virtual Servers.


Dedicated Server Hosting (Rental or Co-location)

This offering was designed for both mid-sized and larger enterprises who require dedicated hardware, the ability to handle more processing power and more demanding workloads. Dedicated Server Hosting is an option if your requirements have outgrown those of Virtual Servers, or if you want to provide your own virtualisation using products like VMWARE, KVM, Openstack, OpenVZ and OnApp. Our servers would suit the needs of most requirements, including co-location / rack space and bandwidth. This solution is both offered as a hardware rental or co-location server provided by client. Optional add-ons e.g. IP address and SSL certificates are offered.


Benefits of Server Rental:

  • Scalability: With managed server hosting, clients are able to upgrade or downgrade bandwidth as needed simply by informing About IT Online of their needs. This allows clients to use About IT Online’s staff and resources, instead of employing additional IT staff.
  • Equipment: With managed hosting, you are simply renting About IT Online’s equipment. About IT Online will maintain and upgrade this equipment as and when required. Therefore, clients do not need to purchase expensive server hardware.
  • Support: About IT Online will take care of all support functions for your server. This includes monitoring servers, repairing hardware failures or network problems and backup power supplies for the servers. About IT Online will provide bandwidth and connectivity to the internet, as well as server backup should your server fail. Many hosting companies also offer the option of periodic data backup as an added precaution against data loss or corruption.
  • Security: AIT Online will take care of installing necessary firewalls and server monitoring equipment to help protect against viruses, denial of service attacks and unauthorized access.


Definition of ‘Rack Space’ or ‘Rackspace’

Rack space refers to the amount of physical space your server or servers take up in a rack in a co-location facility. Typical full racks are 42 units (see below) and run from floor to ceiling. The co-location facility provides the access to the network and you rent space to house your servers in either a cabinet or an open rack. Typically, you will buy a server that can be mounted on racks in the cabinet; therefore, the space you rent is referred to as “rack space”.

How is rack space measured?

Typically, rack mount servers are referred to in size as 1 U, 2 U, etc. This refers to how many slots your machine occupies in the rack or cabinet. 1 U in our co-location facility is about 1.75″. If you have a rack mount server the vendor you purchased it from can tell you what size it is. You can calculate the size based on 1 U roughly being equal to 1.75″. If you have a tower server, you can measure the width of the server including the base because these type of servers can be put in horizontally on their side, though we recommend purchasing a rack-mount server if you are purchasing a new server.

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