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AIT Online’s Virtual Fax Solution

Our Virtual Fax provide clients with efficient, cost effective fax solutions. With Virtual Fax being the first to provide per second faxing as well as archiving for 10 years in the cloud, it makes us the first in providing customers with cost savings of up to 30% per month on the their fax bill.

Virtual Fax utilises Fax over IP technology. With a proven track record in all sectors of the market, Virtual Fax is a must for any business.

Benefits of Virtual Fax:

• All faxes sent are billed at per second billing.
• All faxes sent and received through Virtual Fax are archived for 10 years at no charge.
• All faxes sent are charged at reduced rates.
• Virtual fax can integrate into any MFP device or in-house software i.e. SAP etc.
• Virtual Fax Manager, manages all your faxing so that you can concentrate on what you do best: “Your business”.

Fax Box Solution

The Fax Box is an innovative way of faxing using a normal internet connection to send and receive faxes from and to a fax device. This means that no physical line is required any longer to send and receive faxes.
Fax Box is a superior solution allowing clients to send up to 250 pages in a single fax transmission.

Benefits of Virtual Fax:

• All faxes sent are sent at per second billing and at reduced rates.
• All faxes sent and received are archived for 10 years at no additional charge.
• Lighting damage is a thing of the past due to no connection directly to a landline.
• No fixed lines required for the solution, faxing is now possible over Wireless and Satellite connectivity.
• The Fax Box can send up to 250 pages in a single go.

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