Metro-Clear is Telkom Wholesale’s product that provides Layer 2 (L2) VPN connectivity


  • Metro-Clear is sold as a fibre-based product.
  • Metro-Clear is Telkom Wholesale’s product that provides Layer 2 (L2) VPN connectivity.
  • Metro-Clear is launched as Intra-Metro and Inter-Metro product offering.
    • An Intra-Metro service is provided within the boundaries of our key Metro Areas.
    • Intra-Metro is offered on a per-site/TCE basis (half-cloud principle).
    • The Intra-Metro element enables access to Inter-Metro components.
    • The national (Inter-Metro) component of the product effectively allows the various Metro Areas to communicate with each other via our national infrastructure.
    • Inter-Metro is offered on a per metro basis (half-cloud principle).
  • It is COS-enabled.
  • Hosted on the Metro Ethernet (ME) network.
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Example of MetroClear Intra-Metro connectivity with 3x customer sites

Both Intra-Metro and Inter-Metro have the same bandwidth features and characteristics:

  • Offers point-to-multipoint connectivity between customer sites.
  • Offers 3 different Classes of Service: Real Time (100Mb/s max.)
  • Business Data (600 Mbps max.)
  • General Data/Best Effort (1 000 Mbps max.)
  • Bandwidth ranges from 2 Mbps to 1 000 Mbps:
    • In 1 Mbps increments, from 2 Mbps to 124 Mbps.
    • In 5 Mbps increments, from 125 Mbps to 600 Mbps.
    • In 100 Mbps increments, from 600 Mbps to 1000 Mbps (GD CoS)
    • Minimum bandwidth per Class of Service is 2 Mbps.
    • Service delivered on the TCE GigE port.
    • The TCE (7210 SAS-E) is supplied with electrical (RJ45) and optical interfaces.
QoS classes
Class Definitions of Classes of Service: Typical Applications:
Real Time (RT) This class of service is suitable for applications such as voice and video traffic (e.g. video conferencing) that are time sensitive. Voice traffic refers to “on-net” voice traffic among enterprise locations – remote or branch offices, warehouses and the like. “Off-net” voice traffic to destinations outside the company offices will still go via the PSTN. Voice over IPVideo Conferencing
Business Data (BD) Intended for mission critical data applications that are interactive or time dependent such as databases and interactive ERP and CRM applications. Also for “business class” data applications such as workgroup messaging and other client/server. SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, Telnet, Intranet Web Exchange, Groupwise, Lotus Notes, File/Print Sharing
General Data (GD) “Best effort” delivery intended for non-mission critical applications such as Internet browsing and email that are tolerant to delay and packet loss. E-mail, Internet, FTP
  • Real Time is optimised for low latency and low jitter (at the expense of throughput guarantees).
  • Business Data is optimised for high guarantee of throughput (at the expense of delay and jitter).
Value Proposition: What makes Telkom Metro Clear unique?
  • Telkom provides and manages all TCEs for the solution reactively.
  • Higher bandwidth connectivity between multiple sites.
  • Bandwidth upgrades and downgrades only require quick software configuration changes.
  • Bandwidth upgrades possible on same equipment – cost effective.
  • Increased economies of scale on higher bandwidths.
  • Metro Clear is a Quality of Service (QoS) enabled service and the QoS classes are scalable to customer needs.
  • Customers can provision their own value-add Layer 3 services on top of the MetroClear service.
  • Metro Clear interface is relatively inexpensive and bandwidth can be added in small increments (customers only pay for what they need)
  • Standardised Access Pricing for access <5km.
  • Granular bandwidth pricing: On a “per bandwidth unit (Mb/s)” basis.
  • Fully diverse, meshed Ethernet network.

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