Blended bandwidth, meaning you can never obtain 100% of either local or international throughput.

AIT Online is now offering unique traffic engineering solutions for your bandwidth. We provide numerous WISP(s), Access Providers and Hosting companies with highly customisable and cost effective Internet Connectivity. This connectivity offers very sophisticated solutions to prioritize P2P (peer-to-peer) traffic and Voice Data.

Our Wholesale Bandwidth Solution offers dedicated. 100% Local and International bandwidth along with restoration on international links. Service Providers typically offer similar priced services as shared, contended bandwidth, 50% international or local blended bandwidth.

Blended bandwidth, meaning you can never obtain 100% of either local or international throughput.

Most WISP(s) and access providers consistently need to upgrade their bandwidth due to high volumes of P2P traffic. Not being able to tell your upstream which traffic to prioritize causes random packets to be dropped when your link is at capacity. Even when you try to manage this traffic it is already too late. Queuing only kicks in when your link is already saturated and at this stage your ISP is dropping random packets.

About IT Online solved these shortcomings with our Wholesale Bandwidth Solution.


The bandwidth include a variety of new valuable configurations at no additional cost!

On our egress interfaces we prioritize your voice traffic as strict-high which will always be serviced with zero dropped packets, and Bittorrent / P2P as lowest. If your link is running at full capacity you will still be able to can make crystal clear voice calls, and browse the Internet while P2P traffic slows down. This is useful because if there is no voice data or normal HTTP traffic, gaming or media streaming, you can still consume your entire dedicated throughput for P2P applications.



We provide client’s with two VLANS for separate Local and International traffic.

P2P BitTorrent

All P2P BitTorrent and Voice traffic is marked with DSCP values. As a provider using our bandwidth you are now able to block or limit P2P traffic and identify important Voice Data.

P2P traffic

At the client’s request we could route all the P2P traffic over a separate VLAN towards your network with very simple configuration adjustments.

VLAN can be added

Additional VLAN can be created which will automatically route all your voice traffic to your network as well.

Additionally, we can provide backhaul fibre links to all locations

Depending on the requirements and location.

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Good To Know

Our core network is based in the ultra secure Teraco datacenter in Isando. We utilize the Carrier Hotel for all our hosting and server co-location solutions. Due to the nature of our business in Teraco, it is possible to sell rack space at a dramatical¬ly reduced rate. All services are monitored 24/7, including customer connectivity with automated outage notifications via SMS.

Our core network consists of next-generation carrier grade Juniper MX routers along with Juniper core switches. Complete failover can be configured on two separate PE nodes making your connection to About IT Online fully redundant over two routers. These features place us uniquely in the market, as they are usually not available from other providers and are often obtained at substantial additional charges.